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Clear Road to Address Climate Change with New U.S. Government

The new government of the United States, headed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, promises a radical change in the policies of that country on climate change, of course favorable to help in this fight that almost all the inhabitants of the planet undertake, the importance lies in what the United States represents to the world from every point of view, the political leadership, its economy, the size of the population, among many other factors.

Joe Biden in his plan called “A Clean Energy and Environmental Justice Revolution” talks about the challenge as he calls it to face the threat that climate change has us subjected to, because it is remarkable that this country suffers the consequences with the frequent hurricanes and storms, mainly in the east coast, which are more and more aggressive causing damages where they happen, as well as the forest fires that devastate large extensions of forests in the west coast area. The United States of America knows that global warming is not a game, which is why its new president knows about the commitment to the world.

His commitment goes hand in hand with the agreements of Kyoto, Paris and everything recently raised in the COP25, also understands that producing clean energy is a great business in which to invest leaves great returns to the economy of his country, like any other country.

We must highlight some of the points of the ambitious Biden Plan, it ensures that the United States will achieve a 100% clean energy economy and reach zero emissions by 2050, in this aspect is to note the key Obama-Biden, because the Barack Obama since his mandate 2009-2017 took a step forward that cooled the government of Donald Trump.  This key seeks to unite efforts so that governments and other influential leaders of the world understand their responsibility in the face of global warming.  The Biden Plan begins with a commitment from the legislature to create rules that oblige not only the government but also private industry to achieve goals in technological renovation so that the economy revolves around clean production and make investments in the same direction.

It will build a stronger and more resilient nation, meaning that all investment in infrastructure, whether buildings, roads, bridges, power grids, water plants, etc., will have the capacity to withstand climate change.  Climate resilience plans will go hand in hand with universities and laboratories to support the entire population throughout the country, this will help people have the capacity to overcome the impacts of climate change.

It will unite the rest of the world in addressing the threat of climate change. This indicates that the leadership that the United States has in effect will be in the service of calling on governments to join in the fight to address and mitigate climate damage.  It will also help prevent the abuse of power from affecting the communities that protect the environment, as well as ensuring that governments comply with environmental agreements in a transparent and responsible manner.

In his approach, Joe Biden makes it clear that first we must confront the entire impact of global warming within his country and from there with leadership support the entire world to achieve zero emissions as society demands.

In good time the change of government in the United States, regardless of political color, is committed to the greatest scourge that afflicts humanity.

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