Environmental Justice

The concern to stop climate change does not cease, it is not an embarrassment, it is an urgency, it is a necessity to survive on this planet, although for years it is sought to establish if there is life on other planets, this should not be seen as the refuge after the earth.  This is a matter of will and interest in offering the quality of life that nature has given us, yes, the one we have deteriorated by the abuse and misuse of it throughout history, so today we ask from this blog as equal we see flooded social networks, Internet portals and public squares basically youth, SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, as an inalienable right of people.

More than going to the courts of justice for this right to a clean environment which in turn is the necessary condition for health, is to make society understand the obligation to provide will, if we can, understanding that with a global warming higher than we suffer today we disappear from the face of the earth in the short term.

It is a difficult task, because of the complexity of society itself, but entering into consciousness we will think that it is the best inheritance for future generations, and therefore the youth of today understand that without the support of all their lives in the future will be very difficult.

The relations between human beings generate diverse situations that manage to become conflictive and more when it is a question of satisfying their needs, even more, when it is a question of supplying the one of breathing a clean air and possessing a few balanced ecosystems that guarantee the healthy development of the persons, that is to say, the relations between the society and the nature that include cultural, ecological, social aspects between others, the application of Social Environmental Justice becomes necessary.

Unnecessary to reach these instances when modern society has matured in such a way that it is close to avoiding climate change that deteriorates the environment.


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